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 Usage of this section

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PostSubject: Usage of this section   Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:18 pm

You can use this section when you want to join AND were invited by some clanmameber, other applications will be ignored.!!
If you were NOT INVITED but want to join us keep playing on the server and be nice so you get invited some time..

In you application, you must write: By whom you were invited, age, name, time playing ET and other details.

When you do so, members will tell you if they want or dont want you in, when this is over we (mods and admins) will calculate the positive reactions and negative reactions, then if you are succesful here, your application will pass to original want to join forum, which is locked for replies from members and visitors, its only opened for your viewing. Only mods and admins can post there and they will decide there if you are in, or not.

Cheers, this was established for you not to post your applications in Questions section, and If I see those again there, I will delete them, or move them here.

And please, dont PM me when you want to join, I cant accept you myself!!

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Usage of this section
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