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PostSubject: TeamSpeak-Server   Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:38 pm

Our server is not only a Server, its a package together with Teamspeak 20 Slots... so... i'd wish you guys would just come online there and talk while playing or stuff

i think for most of you its new to have your voice heard by other people via internet... but dont be shy, nobody will laugh about your voice and if yes dont worry not everybody does (some got also strange voices so they shouldnt laugh)

ok then
you can download the teamspeak client at: www.goteamspeak.com -> Downloads -> Windows or Linux (what you got) -> Teamspeak2 Client -> Site 1 or 2 (what you like best ) if you downloaded the ~6 MB file for windows, just install it and open it

in the first row you can see a button with "connection".. click there and hit "Quick Connection"
Server Adress: (our teamspeak server)
Nickname: YOURNAME (replace it with your ingame or forum name)
Login Name (optional): YOURNAME (also replace it with your ingame or forum name.. !!ATTENTION!! if you are not registered yet, you may cant get in... so NON REGISTERED USERS KEEP THAT FIELD FREE.. if you are registered and you want that its displayed you always have to type it.. )
Password: YOURPASSWORD (is only needed for Registered Users, can also let it out if you didnt type the optional Login Name)

Then hit Connect... You'll find yourself in the Main Lobby... then, to join another channel, double click on it... (for some channels are passwords used, ask me for it if you want to go in there)
then say hi to other users and talk with them... its not a crime to ask if the other guy could repeat his saying so dont be shy, just ask...

if you dont wish to stay any longer on the server hit "Connection" again and click the Button "Disconnect" or just close the window by clicking the X.. You'll hear a sound then and then you are logged out... Server IP & Nickname will be saved, aswell as the Password, only Login Name could need to be retyped everytime...

We got several Channels for playing, chilling or just for private talk, so give it a try... if you close some other programms you can sure play with TS online and talk... its nice to chat with friends even if you dont have to type... also its faster and you can build up covering fire teams so you wont die alone

Thx, hope to see you there

Original by Alex, posted by me, sorry... some updates done...
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