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 Ok, lets get it cracking again

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PostSubject: Ok, lets get it cracking again   Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:32 am

Hi guys, first of all, Id ask you for some courtesy as Alex always was and always will be the founder "funder" of E-F and Id like it to stay that way. Also, Ive created these forums and it took me both time and effort to make em, so please dont create no new ones. Me and Alex have admin rights here. I will make Herra and Qvaku new Mods. So as I returned before when clan needed me, I think its a good time to return again as I think E-F needs me again. My condition is that I am uneployed at the moment and Im moving to my new flat soon. Im also sorting a lot of things sideways so Im pretty much busy now. I have some free time but I spend that on WoW. Now I will devide this time for Part of E-F/forums/WoW so it should be ok. After Im done sorting all my business I will rent a new server for us as I always wanted to do that.

Now, all that avagardo posted is right, well, besides that leader thingy, I think we can easily agree on that one.

Now first thing is first, I still remember the password for SL clanlist "as those noobs made me "inactive" " hell I was but still (see Alex? WoW is not causing lobotomy king ) so I will update that one tomorrow, and I will also update our local memberlist too. I will kick those who are "afk" for a long time. To make a clean-sweep to give us sort of a fresh start. I will start few topics where you can post that you are still with us. Then I will delete some of our forum database, also for some cleaning. I will also cancel the subscriptions for those who left us, so if they will want to return, they will have to register and start posting again.

The server thing now, we have to sort it before we can make anyone admin of a server and war-orga. I cant rent a server now as I already told you, is at nice rate now, even uncle dolar is if we go further so I wont hasitate to donate some summ to fire up a hosting, but I WONT do a general server admin, as I really dont have time to do that. Whoever will pay major summ for the server and will put up an effort to administrate it will be given full control of it and some extra clan leading rights too. So please lest discuss all the options and lets agree on something and get it done ofc. Then we can organise trainings, wars and anything else really.

ok I think its all from me for now,

your former admin, and current forum admin

M!k king
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Ok, lets get it cracking again
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