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PostSubject: FaQ!   Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:09 pm

What to do if...
You cant post:
Check if you are logged in, only registered Users can post!
Check if your Admin rights allow this, sometimes Users can post on some place..
If you cant LogIn for some reason, check if you wrote your nick right, and double check your password...
Last point: check if you wanted me to change your name
If it still wont work, contact me via xfire: euroforce

Admin Help:
You cant get on the Administration Panel:
Delete your Cookies ( Extras -> Internetoptions -> Delete Cookies ), close the Forum, open again, login. Then it should work...

I'll keep it updated so you can get fast help!

if you registered already and can not login, please do not try to register once more, wait 24 hours and try to login then.. if it doesnt work, contact me... => profile
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